Get information on how and where to get your motorcycle transported for your Himalayan Odessey


The 2 most common ways to transport bikes is by train or truck.


There are 2 ways in which one can book the bike in the train : As a parcel or Along with the train ticket.
As a Parcel : You need to book the bike way in advance as it can take 7-10 days to reach the destination. The bike will be dropped off at the parcel office of the destination station from where the consignee can collect the bike.
Along with train ticket : it is best recommended to reach the station 3-4 hours prior to scheduled departure of the train. This is the best way to ship your bike in the train as the bike is in the luggage compartment of the same train you are travelling in.
When booking the bike as parcel or along with ticket you will need the following documents.
1) Copy & original registration certificate of motorcycle
2) Copy & original of insurance policy of motorcycle
3) Copy & orginal of ID proof such as driver’s license.
4) Copy & original train ticket ( only required when traveling with bike in the train)

IMP tips

Avoid going through an agent while booking our bike in the train. First go to the parcel office fill out the form and pay the required fee for which receipt will be given. While filling out the form you will have to declare the value of the motorcycle. 10% of declared value will be charged as insurance fee. You can mention whatever value you want to and not necessarily the value on your insurance policy. Then look for an agent who will pack and load the motorcycle in the train. Loading fees are included in the parcel fee however it is best to pay an agent a little more so that he will load the motorcycle carefully.
For packaging the motorcycle – an agent can pack it with gunny bag and cardboard cartons. You can also get your own packaging material and ask an agent to pack it for you. A good option is to go to you motorcycle dealer and ask them for old packaging material. Make only part payment in advance to the agent and balance pay him only once the motorcycle is loaded in the train.
The petrol should be completely drained out of the motorcycle before packing it.
At some railway stations they make it necessary to disconnect the battery and put a metal plate on packaging motioning consignee name destination and contact number.
Always remove the motorcycle mirrors as these may or may not get damaged during transport.
It is best to carry original and photocopy of required documents.


There are various transport companies all over India who will transport your motorcycle with the facilities varying from door to door delivery to loading and pickup from various transport warehouses. Best is to do door to door delivery.
Documents required are photocopy of registration certificate of motorcycle, insurance copy of motorcycle and a letter by the sender stating that it is a personal vehicle not for sale.
Gati will deliver your motorcycle to and from Ride Inn to all major cities & towns. Their contact number for virous regions across India are –
Mumbai – 07738372191
Pune – 07709005232
Nagpur – 09561011711/01
Ahmedabad – 07600061423
Bangalore – 09741160122
Hyderabad – 08008559490
Cochin – 09567609526
Trivandrum – 09995804287
Goa – 07709005028
Kolkata – 09903002448
Guwahati – 09678002878
Mandi & Manali – 8894704138 / 9318068862
Transporting from Manali : Gati – 8894704138
Nitco transpoters : 0190 222344 / 9816025656
Transporting from Leh : Nitco transpoters : 9469177106
Transporting from Srinagar : Nitco Transpoters : 0941 2495192 / 09419010549
Transporting from Jammu : Nitco Transpoters : 0191 2476865


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