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Spare Parts & Trip Essentials
Do not get stranded carry what is essential for a long ride

Spare Parts & Trip Essentials

Spare Parts

1) Break cable
2) Accelerator cable
3) Headlight bulb
4) Spare motorcycle key
5) Spark plugs
6) Clutch plates
7) Air filter. ( In Ladakh its extremely dusty and air filter must be cleant after every 500km so the motorcycle can breathe well. Its always best to carry a spare air filter as such parts are not easily available in Ladakh.
8) Chain link
9) Wheel bearings
10) Tyre leaver
11) Puncture repair kit and spare tube
12) Foot pump
13) 500ml engine oil
14) Electrical tape
15) Fuse
16) Plastic ties
17) Small piece of wire
18) OEM tool kit.

Trip Essentials

1) Complete riding gear : Jacket, pants, gloves, balacava.
2) Good quality waterproof riding boots. A good alternative is gumboots as its ideal during water crossing.(use the light weight gumboots made of same material as crocks floaters)
3) Thermal inners
4) Monkey cap.
5) UV protect sunglasses.
6) Head lamp torch
7) Extra pairs of socks and warm gloves.
8) Medical essentials such as first aid kit provided with motorcycle, Nasal spray for blocked nose, paracetamol for fever/headache, medication for gas, vomiting and stomach upset
9) Lip balm, cold cream and lots of sunscreen lotion. Neutrogena SPF 50 works excellent.
10) Glucon D & electoral.
11) Protein/ nutribar to keep you energized in case of breakdown or if stranded due to road block/landslide.
12) Plastic or water proof bags to pack all your clothes in before putting in your saddlebags/backpacks.

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